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Two Brothers of Different Kinds

It was nearly dawn on the peaceful island. The nocturnal pinatas were now turning in for the day as candaries and flutterscotches filled the morning sky. Pythor P Chumsworth, one of the last members of the proud and mighty anacondrai, opened his fushia eyes and smiles at who was sleeping beside him. Tikal, a bot, who was now in human formed, cuddled against pythors warm white scales. The two acted like brothers, having fun, snuggling and even tickling each other, pythors always happy when he's with him. In fact, Tikal could easily bring out pythors childish side. The anacondrai could talk to him as easily as he could Najada. 
Pythor flickered his tongue out to lick his face, the young boy opened his bright blue eyes and smiled. 
"hiya pythie..." he said sleepily. 
"Good Morning little brother..." pythor smiled "sleep well?" 
Tikal nodded and stretched. Pythor smirked and poked his side causing him to give a small squeak. The anacondrai laughed as the blonde boy pouted. 
"No fair!" 
"Oh whatever Tikal, you always get me back." pythor chuckled as he nuzzled his neck making him giggle.
"You're mehehehean!"
"Am not. I'm just playing with my brother" 
Tikal smirked and took the chance to tickle the snakes sides. Pythor gasped and immediatly started laughing. 
"Hehehehey!! Tikalhahaha!!"y
"Hehe tickle tickle brother!" Tikal giggled as he tickled his brothers belly. 
"Cut ihihihit out! AH TIKAL NOHAHAHAHA!!! NAHAHAHAT THERE!!!" Pythor screamed in laughter as Tikal tickled right underneath his gem on his chest, which was where the anacondrai was really sensitive. Tikal snickered but then broke into loud laughter himself as the Pythor tickled his ribs, which was the bots worse spot. The two brothers continued their little tickle fight....all while the Rainbow Dragoness Queen watched them. She chuckled in slight amusement. 
"Those two are just too cute....perfect brothers..."

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...randomly depressed and like you wanna cry for no good reason...
Cause I'm feeling that now...
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Fav animal: dragon
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Fav line from tv show swamp brothers: "Let's go savve the world from zombies" Steven.
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I live in FL and I love to make friends.
I love both dragons and snakes and just about all animals.
:icondragonlick: I hope to make many friends on DA and never lose those friendships!

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