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What do y'all think is the worse pokemon?
This is a debate I was having with my siblings.
I said weedle
My sister said magikarp
And my brother said sunkeren (probably not spelled right)
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Pythor smiled and looked back at plushtrap

Plushtrap mumbled happily in his sleep.

Pythor smiled lying his head down with a happy sigh

Mangle smiled softly at the two.

Pythor nuzzled plushtrap purring deeply, his tail swishing a bit almost like he was wagging it......however none of them knew that the ninja were looking in through a window and now had video evidence that pythor was hiding out there.

Plushtrap started to stir and wake up, letting out a quiet little yawn.

Pythor grinned "Morning plushball"


Pythor nuzzled him "Sleep well?"

Plushtrap nodded and rubbed his eyes.

Pythor smiled softly "You seemed to enjoy snuggling against my scales"

Plushie smiled kinda shyly.

Pythor laughed a bit "What's that look about?"

"Nothing!" In an instant, Plushtrap was back to his hyperactive self.

Pythor smiled and chuckled 
"Well it was nice while it lasted" old Chica joked.

Bon nodded in agreement.

Pythor smiled as plushtrap hopped off is belly

Little did they know, Springtrap was watching the entire thing with a small smile on his face.

Pythor rolled onto his stomach and stretched out popping his back "oooh...I'm getting old..."

Bon and Mangle giggled.

Pythor looked at the two female animatronics "What? You wouldn't even believe my age."

Oh, its not that. You just wouldn't believe the amount of times we've heard Fred say that." Bon giggled again.

Freddy rolled his eyes "Yes well it's true, I'm an old bear"

"And a robot. You dont age!"

"Sure I do, I just don't grow a gray beard and all that"

Bon rolled her emerald green eyes.

Pythor laughed as he laid his head on his arms that were folded in front of him

Plushtrap is running around doing plushtrap things.

The white snake watched plushtrap while smiling.

Springtrap also watched quietly with a smile on his face.

Pythor smirked as he used his arms to prop himself and playfully lunged at plushtrap. T. Chica giggled "They're so cute"

Plushtrap squeaked and jumped into Freddys arms.

Pythor pouted playfully "I'm not allowed to play with you plush?" 
Freddy shook his head in amusement

Plushtrap giggled and tried to hide under Freddys hat.

"Plushtrap....I've told you you can't hide under my hat"

Bon giggled.

Pythor chuckled and flickered his tongue, he frowned when he caught a familiar scent.

"Pythor? Whats wrong?" Mangle asked.

"I...could've sworn I smelled something..."

Mangle half frowned.

"Ah it's probably nothing, perhaps I'm just being a worry wart"

"Probably." Bon agreed, now trying to pry Plushtrap away from Freddys hat.

Pythor watched with a smile as Freddy tried to keep his hat from plushtrap. Pythor sighed as he said something he'd knew he'd regret but wanted to help the bear "Plushtrap, if you let go of Freddy's hat I'll let you tickle me again"

Everyone slolwt turned to look at Pythor. Plushtrap blinked at him and giggled, dropping away from Bon and Freddy and dashing over to Pythor.

Foxy blinked and whispered to mangle "I thought he didn't like being tickled..."

"I think he secretly does."

Foxy shrugged as pythor started laughing loudly as plushtrap tickled him

Plushtrap giggled as he tickled all over Pythors belly.

Pythor screamed in laughter thrashing his tail

Mangle giggled at them.


Plushtrap giggled and sat back.

Pythor panted heavily "Oh dear..."

"Its your own fault for offering." Bon pointed out.

"I only did it to help Freddy..."

Upon hearing the name of the bear, Plushtrap dashed towards Freddy and clambered onto his hat again, giggling.

Freddy sighed in slight annoyance 
"Sorry Freddy...." pythor apologized 
"Don't be"

Mangle managed to coak Plushtrap away from Freddys hat and held him gently, but firmly in her arms.

Pythor chuckled but then he started screaming in pain holding his forehead 
"PYTHOR?!" Chica cried out worriedly.

Everyone stares in shock and confusion 

Chica rushed over to him and moved his hands, the crystal on his head was glowing and the crack looked as if it was sealing. 
"I-It hurts!!!"

Everyone looked at each other.

"Hang in there pythor..." Chica soothed as pythor whimpered. Soon it stopped and pythor lied there panting from exhaustion

"You ok..?" Bon asked.

Pythor nodded tiredly


"what happened matey?"
"My crystal healed..."

Plushtrap tilted his head. "Magic now?"

Pythor turned his head to him "let me regain my strength first plushtrap....the healing process always wears me out"

"Aww, ok then." Mangle smiled down at the plushie in her arms.

Pythor curled up rubbing his head crystal as if he was trying to soothe any lingering pain

"Lets let him rest." Bonnie said.

"Poor thing..." Chica frowned patting his back and standing up to leave him in peace. Pythor sighed tiredly dozing off.

Plushtrap had somehow managed to wriggle out of Mangles arms, and was now dangling off of her tail. Mangle sighed as she looked at him, wagging her tail and trying to shake him off.

Chica looked at him and giggled "Plushie, why don't you go cuddle with pythor and keep him company until he wakes up"

Plushtrap nodded eagerly and dropped off of Mangle, dashing to Pythor and laying next to him.

Chica smiled as pythor wrapped an arm around him.

Mangle smiled and tilted her a little at the two.

"they're so cute" Chica gushed

Bon giggled and nodded in agreement.

As if he was trying to raise the cuteness level in the room, pythor gave a soft moan as he slept and nuzzled plushtrap

"Aww!" All the females in the room cooed quietly.

Old Freddy chuckled and shook his head in amusement.

"Lets head to the party room. Give these two some privacy." Mangle giggled.

T. Chica nodded "Yea, pythor shouldn't sleep too long"
Bon glanced at everyone before sighing and standing up. "Ugh.. fine."
Mangle and Bonnie cheered.

Toy Chica grinned clapping her hands as the freddys chuckled.

"I can hold my breath
I can bite my tongue
I can stay away for days if that's what you want

Be your number one
I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part if thats what you ask
Give you all i am

I can do it
I can do it
I can do it

But im only human!
And i bleed when i fall down!
I'm only human!
And i crash and i break down!
Your words in my head!
Knives in my heart!
You build me up then i fall apart 'cause I'm only human!

I can turn it on
Be a good machine
I can hold the weight of worlds if that's what you need
Be your everything

I can do it
I can do it
I'll get through it!

But im only human!
And I bleed when I fall down!
I'm only human!
And I crash and I break down!
Your words in my head!
Knives in my heart!
You build me up then I fall apart 'cause I'm only human!

I'm only human!
I'm only human!
Just a little human!

I can take so much...
Until I've had enough...

'Cause im only human!
And i bleed when i fall down!
I'm only human!
And I crash and i break down!
Your words in my head!
Knives in my heart!
You build me up then i fall apart 'cause im only human!" Bon sang one of the songs she had heard many people sing.

The animatronics clapped after she had finished 
"That was great Bon! You really...uh...yea I got nothing." Withered Chica slumped.

Bon rubbed the back of her head. "It was the first thing i could think of."

"It was fine singing lass"

Mangle nodded in agreement.
"Thanks guys."

"It's your turn now Bon!"

"Alright. Fred (t freddy), truth or dare."

"I'll go with truth."

"Did you, or do you have a crush on anyon here? And if you did, who?" Bon grinned slyly.

"Sorry Bon, no crush here."

"Oh." Bon seemed a little disappointed. "Your turn Fred."

((i ship Bon x Fred fyi))

(yea I kinda guessed that) 

"Mangle truth or dare?"


"Hmm..." Freddy though while tapping his chin. "What's your thoughts on hearing that pythor was a criminal?"

"I don't believe it in the slightest." Mangle said as she curled her tail around herself to get comfortable.

"Me either really..." Freddy muttered as he looked at the slumbering serpent

"No one here does. Right?" Bon looked around at everyone.

The animatronics shook their heads.
"He seems to sweet to be evil.."toy Chica said. 
Pythor stirred wrapping an arm around plushtrap and nuzzling the gold bunny plush.

"Awww!" Mangle and Bon said together.

"shhh..." Old Freddy hushed "Your gonna wake them..." he looked back to see pythor moan and whimper in his sleep. 
"I think he's having a bad dream..." T. Chica frowned.

"Poor guy.." Bon said quietly.

"I wonder what he's really been through..." foxy muttered tapping his hook against his chin.

"Well, we won't bother him about it. Agreed?" Mangle said.

The chicas freddys and foxy nodded "Agreed"

Bon and Bonnie nodded. "Agreed."

Pythor moaned again. T. Chica walked over and rubbed his neck. The snake calmed down with a happy sigh.

Mangle watched quietly.

Pythor nuzzled plushtrap like a little kid snuggling his favorite toy. 
"I guess he's better now."

Bon nodded.

"I'm sure they'll be waking up soon." old Freddy smiled softly

"Oh great. More plushie shenanigans." Bon said with a teasing smirk.

"Maybe pythor can keep him busy" old Chica smirked

Mangle laughed lightly and nodded.

"They are cute together~ pythor treats plushie like one of his own"

"If you can get past that creepy giggle, Plushie is a lovable little squirt."

"True" T. Chica nodded 

"His giggle isn't that creepy." Mangle said.

Foxy nodded in agreement with his lover "Springtrap is worse..."

"No. Mari." Bon countered.

The animatronics all shuddered at the mention of the puppet.

As if on cue, the slender figure of the Marionette appeared behind the animatronics. Her arms were folded and she looked between them all before settling her gaze on Pythor and Plushtrap.

The chicas frowned. Pythor opened his eyes and nearly jumped out if his scales seeing the marionette

'Whos that? Mari signed to Freddy, since she had no voice box.

"Er...his name is pythor....were protecting him from humans who want to hurt him..."

Mari stared at Pythor before turning back to Freddy. 'Alright. He can stay for as long as he needs.'

"Glad you agree..." 
Pythor lowered his head down again curling his neck around plushtrap to avoid mari's eyes which gave him an unsettling feeling.

Mari nodded, and was suddenly gone. Mangle and Bon shuddered.

"who was that..." pythor asked a bit sleepily

"That was Mari." Bon answered.

"She doesn't come out too often thankfully....but she's the creepiest one here..." old Chica shuddered.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"How'd you sleep pythor?" T. Chica asked. 
"good I suppose....plushtrap does make a rather good cuddle buddy" he chuckled.

The little plushie stirred, purring a little in his sleep as he snuggled against pythor and started to suck and nibble on his little thumb.

Pythor smiled curling his tail around him as if he wanted to protect the little rabbit at all cost.

Plustrap squeaked happily, wrapping his little arms around the snakes tail and cuddling it close, sucking on the tip like a pacifier.

"Cute~!" Chica gushed. Pythor lied his head down and nuzzled plushtrap purring

Plushtraps tiny little tail wagged as he did so.

Pythor chuckled lightly as he rolled onto his back and lifted the plushie setting him on his stomach, his scales soft and warm.

The young bunny plush made soft, happy noises as he curled up on pythors belly, sucking his thumb again.

Pythor smiled softly and chuckled rubbing plushtraps back gently with his clawed thumb 
"You seem to be having fun there py" Freddy smiled. Pythor blushed "A little bit yes"

Bon smiled warmly at the little plushie. Bon had one soft spot, and that was Plushtrap. Her little brother.

Pythor nuzzled plushtrap, if there was anything he was good with it was young children, they always brought out the more fatherly loving side of him.

Plushtrap murmered something in his sleep, smiling and cuddling against Pythor.

Pythor grinned and flickered his tongue against plushtraps cheek "Sweet dreams you little plushball..."

"Looks like he's got someone else to cuddle." Bon said, sort of disappointed.

Pythor looked at Bon and frowned "I'm not trying to replace you Bon...."

"I know, i know. He's never slept that long when i cuddled him though."

Pythor tilted his head "I wouldn't see why....maybe it's because well...your metal...

She nodded. "Probably."

"Sorry if I've hurt you.."

She shook her head. "Nah, you're chill bro."

Pythor smiled and looked back at plushtrap
What do y'all think is the worse pokemon?
This is a debate I was having with my siblings.
I said weedle
My sister said magikarp
And my brother said sunkeren (probably not spelled right)
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